March 19, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

My son and I were introduced to Shared Support, Inc. April 2003. That meeting was the turning point in my sons life and finally brought peace to our family.

Me as mother knew there must be something better for my son and there was. We found the help we needed from Shared Support, Inc.

My 40 year old son spent most of his adult life having behaviors which I felt were his way of saying “I am not happy with my life”. Not everyone providing his services agreed. Then along came Shared Support, Inc. an agency who believes you need to listen to what an individual is saying and then determine what support is needed to make the individual happy in everyday life.

Shared Support, Inc. has provided my son the opportunity to be heard and acknowledges his desires to be a person who can find happiness despite his mental and physical needs.

Shared Support, Inc. is dedicated to building confidence in the individual, building whatever bridges are needed to make the individuals desires/dreams a reality, determined to find the right bridge, gathering a support group, with monthly contact, of friends and family for the individual, and reviewing the needs of the individual as growth takes place. All of this lead by the individual. A realistic and safety net is in place at all times.

Shared Support, Inc. do all these things one individual at a time giving the individual control of his own life.

These are the thing that have converted my son’s life into a happy all inclusive life. He is now purchasing his own house; has two 24 hour support people for his care; is purchasing his own car, which support people drive, so he has his own transportation; he contributes to the community; and has gained an extended family by sharing in the personal lives of two support people. We have been blessed.

Thanks to Shared Support, Inc. positive changes have occurred for my son Ty and will continue as needed supports are identified.


Joyce McCarthy,

mother of Ty