Who is Matt?

A Capacity View

Matt is a really neat person who has many qualities, we have listed them below:

Energetic- Matt is a man who wants to be continually busy. He enjoys being productive and getting things done. He is in continual motion and has a seemingly limitless amount of energy and desire to do things.

Helpful- Matt is happiest when he is helping someone. He likes to please others by doing things for them, such as, carrying their bags, groceries, moving things for them, cleaning things and working with them on household projects. Matt can always be counted on to lend a hand!

Friendly- Matt has the best “Hello’s!” He is always happy to see visitors and to meet new people. He will always remember a face and stop to say hello to people he knows! You feel great after one of his hand shakes or “High Fives”!

Neat and Orderly- Matt appears to live by the rule that everything has a place and everything must be in it’s place! He always straightens and keeps his home neat.

Proud- Matt likes it when others notice what a great job he’s done and how helpful he has been. This makes him feel great!

Update on Matt

Matt in Action!

Busy, Helpful, Neat!

Matt has several places where he contributes in the community

Matt hangs out at the Giant he greets people and carries their bags to their cars for them. He works for tips! Giant doesn’t mind because he returns carts too!

Matt volunteers at a local non profit Suncom on the weekend cleaning up for them!

Matt volunteers at the YMCA taking the trash out, folding towels and cleaning a few times a week.

Matt also has in own delivery service for older folks around the community. He runs errands for them and they give him tips!