Share Your Life!

One of the models of service that Shared Support provides is called Life Sharing. Life Sharing is when two people decide to live together and share their lives. One person has a disability and requires some support, the other Life Sharing partner is a person who provides the necessary support.


Sharing a Life

• Life Sharing or live in supporters choose to share their lives with a person with a disability who is served by Shared Support Inc.

• Live-In Supporters make this decision out of a fondness for the person based on an existing relationship. Or the person may have a desire to have a meaningful life and develop a relationship with the person following introductions and visits

• When people choose to live together they share in the cost of maintaining the home. To do this they each use their personal financial resources, public funds accessed through ODP as well as many other funding streams.

• This model of natural support encourages true integration into the community and encourages growth.

• Live in supporters often work outside of the home. The culture and traditions of the Live in supporter are encouraged and embraced by the circle of support.

• Life Sharing Partners are independent contractors, not employees of Shared Support Inc.



• Life Sharing Partners are reimbursed for their expenses such as housing costs, utilities, and food.

• Life Sharing Partners are provided with financial compensation for the support they provide to the person based on disability related needs

• Compensation is provided in a monthly stipend and is tax free



• Live in supporters must have a physical that states that they are free of communicable diseases and a mantoux test.

• Live in supporters must have 24 hours of training prior to living with the person with the disability

• Live in supporters must have a drivers license and reliable transportation

• Live in supporters must have an acceptable criminal history check as determined by Shared Support Inc.

• Live in supporters must follow support guidelines based on the needs of each individual relative to health and safety, individually desired outcomes and goals.

• Life Sharing partners must sign a contract


The Role of Shared Support Inc.

• Shared Support locates and screens perspective life sharing partners

• Shared Support works with life sharing partners to develop a budget based on needs and expenses

• Shared Support Inc generates a monthly tax free payment to the life sharing partner

• Shared Support Staff facilitate monthly circle meetings to ensure that the life sharing arrangement is working for both parties


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