About Us

What We Value

We value everyone’s gifts. Our gifts are what make us unique. Everyone has the capacity to contribute something through work, volunteerism, and participation in groups and organizations. People with disabilities need support to gain the necessary skills so they may contribute to the work, joys and traditions of their community.

We value creativity. We believe every direct support staff, consumer, family, friend, neighbor, County professional, manager, Director, and board member has creative capacity to share. Working together in circles of support encourages the creative process.

We value every individual’s circle of support: Friends, family and other important people whose only agenda is the best interest of the focus person. We value the information, support, increased natural monitoring for health and safety, as well as the community connections that every family member or friend can share with the focus person and our organization.

We value our role as partners with families and friends in planning and achieving each individuals chosen lifestyle.

We value people’s dreams and believe it is our role to facilitate a path of learning, growth, problem solving and choice making.

We value each individual’s path towards a dream and accept that everyone falls; it is our role to support the learning that can occur when mistakes are made, go back to the drawing board and begin again. Sometimes we fulfill our fondest desires. Most people, however, usually get a piece of their dream. They try, they succeed, and they fail, and revise their dream. People should decide for themselves when their dream has become unrealistic and unattainable.