About Us

Our Values in Practice

We believe that our values and philosophy must be implemented in our practices, organizational structure, Quality Assurance, and Continuous Quality Improvement Plan.

We measure our organization’s success through the attainment of each individual’s chosen outcomes. We are successful when we have assisted someone to identify “How” he or she would like to live their life, concretely develop and attain personal outcomes.

We value and practice person centered planning as the cornerstone for all of our services. Every person has a person centered plan and a person centered job description identifying “Who” the person is, “What their desired outcomes are”, Successful “Ways” of supporting the person, and “How” staff must spend their time in support of desired outcomes.

Our organizational structure places resources and power closest to the individual and the people who care about and support them, (The Circle) to make decisions about services, resources, and necessary habilitation and treatment.

We value and practice a system of management that focuses on continuous quality improvement in four measurable categories: 1.) People are healthy and safe. 2.) People have meaningful lives. 3.) People learn skills and grow in ways that are important to them. 4.) Consumers and their families direct the supports and services that our organization provides.

View our orientation training: [PowerPoint Version - 54 slides] [PDF Version]