About Us

Our Founders and Current Staff

Elizabeth DeVett, Chief Executive Officer
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Liz Devett has experience as a Special Education Teacher, Direct Care Supporter, Program Specialist and Residential Director for community services for people with disabilities. Early in her career she made a commitment to try to understand people and their behavior. She quickly developed a capacity to serve people with extremely challenging behavior. She has focused on developing the ability of people to communicate and has been a part of Northumberland County’s innovative communication initiative. She is also a facilitator for person centered planning, and a previous consultant to Lancaster County and their Self Determination Intitiative. Liz is a founding officer of Shared Support, Inc. In addition to her skills as a programmatic leader and innovative supporter she is the executive who juggles all of the business related aspects and administrative functions of the organization. In a short period of time she has been able to develop the organizations ability to “Run a tight ship” Without losing sight of our person first philosophy. Liz maintains an office in the Sunbury location and travels to Lancaster, Bucks and York Counties as necessary.


Christine Martin Thvedt, Chief Operating Officer
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Chris has over twenty- two years of experience in virtually all aspects of the community Mental Retardation System. She has supported people as a direct care staff, Training Director, Residential Director, Director of Casemanagement for two Base Service Units, Regional MR Director for a large MR provider, and Executive Director for the ARC of Bucks County. She served as a consultant for four counties in PA and the state of MD assisting in Self Determination Pilot Projects and system change initiatives. She is a trainer in Essential Lifestyles planning, and has developed person centered planning curriculum, practices and policy for Shared Support Inc. Chris has facilitated over 200 person centered plans for people and their families. She is a founding member of Shared Support Concepts in 1999, and Shared Support Inc in 2005, she continues to provide creative and innovative leadership for the organization. Her office is located in Bucks but frequently travels to all support locations.


Theresa Pratt, Fiscal Director
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Theresa joined Shared Support at the end of our first year of operation. She quickly developed fiscal and administrative process that assisted the organization to achieve positive financial positions and effective cash flow. She continues to manage the fiscal growth of the organization while maintaining the highest level of compliance with all local, commonwealth, and federal guidelines. Theresa’s organizational talent and gift for detail provides the business foundation from which we can provide our support and achieve our mission. Theresa maintains an office in Sunbury.


Kristie Wertman, Regional Director In 2008
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Kristie came to Shared Support as a new specialist. She quickly learned the person first concept and developed trusting relationships with all of the people she supported. She generated the genuine and positive attitude towards people and they responded with amazing growth and attainment of outcomes. She has learned to share her philosophy of managing by relationship with all of the many staff she now supervises. Kristie has overseen the more than triple growth in her region. As the Regional Director she manages specialists and direct support staff to Dream, Reach, and Contribute! Kristie is located in Sunbury.


John Thvedt, Ed.D., Psychologist
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Dr. Thvedt is a founding officer of Shared Support Concepts as well as Shared Support Inc in 2005. Because of his talent for listening to people he has supported and encouraged all staff to be person centered thinkers and to share power in a way that encourages growth and self esteem. He is truly a person centered clinician that is able to balance psychological needs, health and safety with the inherent human need to direct their lives and contribute to their world. He has over thirty-five years of experience as a behaviorist, administrator and therapist, and continues to provide guidance to the organization and consultation to individuals and their teams. John provides service and support in the field.