Sharing Our Stories

Shared Support Inc. is an organization founded on the belief that people with cognitive and developmental disabilities are not defined by their diagnosis or labels. People with disabilities are so often viewed only as recipients of funding or services. This belief and attitude dehumanizes and segregates. With the right support and service all people regardless of the intensity of their disability related needs, can contribute to their community. We believe in the capacity view of all people. Our Mission:

  • To support the dreams of people with disabilities and their families. Because everyone has a unique dream or hope for the future.
  • To teach new skills and develop supports for each individual to reach towards their desired lifestyle. While people with disabilities have dreams and desires they are also challenged with disability related barriers. At Shared Support Inc. we assist people to achieve new abilities as well as to develop supports and unique services that strive to assist people to achieve their personally desired outcomes.
  • To facilitate the contribution of people with disabilities in their chosen community. When people contribute they become valued members of our society. When a person contributes to their world they can feel the pride of growth and achievement and acceptance in their community.

Shared Support Inc has facilitated supports and services for many people. Listed below are the stories of some of the people we support. Click on the story you wish to hear more about.

I AM...!

A Sign Language Teacher- Ralph Beck Shares his Story. Read my Resume and view my brochure. Download my PowerPoint Presentation [PowerPoint Version] [PDF Version].

A Home Owner- A letter from Ty McCarthy's mother. Ty’s Mom talks about her son’s path to home ownership.

A Democrat - Bill Pensyl Shares his story, Bill is much more then a democrat he is in charge of his life!

A Volunteer - Matt Edwards shares his story, Matt can be seen all over town!